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- the 2nd full-length solo album from critically acclaimed hiphop artist “CARPETFACE” - who recently burst back on to the UK circuit making impressive waves after a 10 year gap between solo releases, now once again causing a stir across the international hiphop scene with the ongoing respect and support of fellow artists, fans of music with a message, and tastemakers in independent radio and press.

An album of 100% fresh, conscious hiphop with a uniquely original yet classic feel and catchy-as-fuck chorus hooks that stick in the brain from the very first listen, impressively blending radio-friendly songwriting skills with devastatingly heavyweight lyrical prowess, all delivered in CARPETFACE's well-honed tonguetwister rhyming-style remeniscent of hiphop's golden era.

The LP comprises 12 thought-provoking tracks ranging from upbeat bboy bangers to reflective soulful downtempo headnod. A collection of heartfelt sentiments centered around themes of paradigm shift, entering maturity, compassion in the face of corporate corruption and channelling angry energy into constructive solutions, from the point of view of a single dad sick of raging against the machine.

Guest rap vocals, production collabs and turntable contributions come from:
DJAR ONE (Beats House Records) and NONSTOP over in France,
UK producer DJ MONEYSHOT (THE ALLERGIES / Jalapeno Records)
and Amsterdam-based beatmaker YUNIQ

“The British Phill Most Chill” - HBS MUSIC ARCHAEOLOGY

"After a near ten year hiatus, CARPETFACE is back with a metaphorical bang on his second feature-length project, Cognitive Diss. Having been almost three years in the making, it oozes that old-school, feel good Hip Hop sound; with infectious hooks, crisp beats and intricate wordplay at the core yet managing to maintain an unquestionable freshness about it…a project that heads off in twelve very different directions whilst being just as powerful as a complete release" - WORDPLAY MAGAZINE

"Dope…Yo …simply Dope" - AFRIKA ISLAM
(Rock Steady Crew / Rhyme Syndicate Records - Producer: ICE-T: "Power" / "Rhyme Pays" / "O.G (Original Gangster)" & "Freedom of Speech..Just Watch What You Say!")

“Move over Kool Keith!” - TIME OUT NEW YORK

"I heard the song and loved it right off the bat like this is going to be cool man…for me the song is incredible but the album…one of the best Ive heard in a long time catering to hiphop where you've got lyrics, beats, good themes, good choruses - I was listening today and I was inspired"
-DONALD-D (Rhyme Syndicate / The B-Boys / Ice-T "Power")

“Prince Paul Smoking crack with Syd Barrett”

“Wembley's one-man answer to the Beastie Boys!
-no style or genre is too daring for this man” - DJ FORMAT

“So sick it's ridiculous!” - BEARDYMAN

"CARPETFACE rides the rhythm effortlessly, commanding the stage with his old-school style of rhyming synonymous with groups like Demon Boyz and Gunshot, rhyming without missing a beat, a rare sight these days but also being as clear as day on the microphone" - DJ SUPREME (Hijack)

"The LP has an golden era feel and even features production by Young Einstein from Ugly Duckling. out in July...Yum Yum Eat It Up! “ - BRITISHHIPHOP. CO.UK

“Here's one of our greatest eclectic British artists to come out of the Hip Hop scene and it's great to see Carpetface back on top form.... Carpetface is top and will always come with something creatively interesting and dope!” -TJ CHILL (KAOSS CREW)

“the single offers a smooth and promising glimpse of what is to expected from his 2nd album, ‘Cognitive Diss’ released later this comes as a no surprise to the listener that his songs carry in themselves a strong message of ‘keeping it real’, in the name of hiphop...recommended!”


released July 21, 2017


all rights reserved


Track Name: I'M FINE
how you feeling ? I'm fine. why? because i rhyme.

power crammed in the hand with a gramme in the pan taking a stand open the gland and let that inner swing band expand
until the damage is dammed and with a lack of a plan the man is slammed like a ham to the back of the caravan with the lyrics - and if you fucking kids can just stick with this shit,
ballistics: wisdom-sickness, the victims are listed
pisstake mister misfits
bigwigs with dicks for chicks who dig pigs in lipstick
dicking and docking then finishing off and filming the whole thing,
now let your hole sing
its boring to be snoring in the morning
kicking the doors in like yours if your falling for the wrong type of calling
dipping a ball in one teste at a time to check your temperature
sounding pop but way too mental to entertain without emptying this brain at you -now you're likely to record it for the record as a lyrical adventure yeah the rap equivalent of penis to the denture,
never meant to turn up waving at your centre
mic debenture. no i never meant to hurt them mc's
but the way the crowd-cookie crumbled most of them were wacker than me there i said it but its ok to give yourself credit
chucked the old book at the even older frog he was like "reddit"
because I've been there and I've done that and ive sold the fucking tshirt
when i rock the mic they react like knee-jerk.
never should i phase you, amazing you the truth cutting like straight razor in your shaver, the saviour from way before the old school raver blatant flavour check carpetface fucking mic behaviour on the stage yeah
never been all the fucking rage yeah bust the cage turned a new page
now i'm amazed I got the flower of life on the right side of my mind
the daily grind of leaving one demon at a time behind - and i'm fine XX
see a stranger in the street and try befriending them
imagine love you're lending them instead of ways of ending them ….
funk heavy like an elephant pheromone
the ending of the lemming no more mental cliff descending check it
start mending them swinging the sounds as we're blending them
very very heavy like coming a pendulous pendulum bending them
ripping it kicking it for giggles and shits
hot sauce in your grits with the mic in the mitts.
the rigidity of city slicker dick with no pity
the walter mitty committee sitting on responsibility
sit on this and spin you ninny
man you're tricking's sickening like sticking
pins in a kitten you're smitten with twisted vision
and i must eat you up for supper put em up or don;t bother
don't make me rhyme about the time i spent the night with your mother
now am i dreaming? flipping a lightswitch and pinch me flinch
check the willy nilly silly lyric spitting da vinci on this shit ,
and i aint even really done
sticking a neck out on the mic i don't mind being that someone
i know i aint alone waking you up down the microphone
respect to all mc's making the truth better known yo yo!
now understand that some on the mic have got a plan
helping people failing to remember remember how to hold hands
so that one day more of us can tell our kids kids kid
man i tried i really tried with everything that i did to make it right
the party people better fix up going tits up
freaking wars all your causes are mixed up
now the sensible mc's flipped up
just listen in when the mic's getting ripped up
aint having none of your chat none of your crap
man i had way too much of that had to take a step back
to the batcave like a hermit man
you want respect you better earn it muppets like fucking kermit


smacking the weiner as i teen i was a dreamer
i'd have never believed ya about FEMA, or Fuku-fucking-shima
but the times change and fuck the rhyme game
if theres no transmission of belief to believers
and believe us when we say that come what may
we'll find a way to make tomorrow a little better than yesterday,
but not without residing to the fact
that despite all our tech we need to take a step back….
back to a sense of community. unity?
being all that you can be is nothing very new to me,
but just like you i frantically search for clues
that might lead me to a state where that is easier to do…
hair upon the cheek so they be calling me carpetface
now watch me beaming cosmic energy down the mic from outer space.
now more than ever party people in the place
are joining hands and understanding love and picking up the pace
now what do i mean? theres a grand awakening, seen?
happening I see it happening its really happening
i heard it on the grapevine and reckon its true
looking out for the world means it might just look out for you

the battle between faith and understanding what do i mean?
we landed on the Moon according to a screen - but did it happen?
am i really carpetface am i really rapping?
man, whatever the weather now party people you decide.
and based on what exactly? a
acceptance of facts dished out so matter of factly
that the fact that they ain't even real facts gets a taxi
don't it make you want to ask a question deep inside?
and who the hell told you to hold on to
whatever they told you's worth holding on to? t
hink of the the lengths them fuckers have gone to,
now manifest your love and the universe will provide
stop cutting off your balls with the pharmaceuticals,
rules at schools there for dumbing down blunt tools,
its up to us parents
man we're the real fools
for expecting everyone except ourselves to change it all

Welcome to your freddy Krueger nightmare osmosis from the brain
syphon your secrets out to use later for personal gain,
and if you’re feeling any shame or pain
then freeze frame, and check your brain again and again and again.
yeah the maddest missions I've been on
keen on keep keeping on to put the squeal on the piggies,
crusading the furthest journey when the mic is wanting rocked,
I'm rocking it hard like turning down a cancer stick when I stopped.
clarity's the high enough of pickling the brain
turned the bottle upside down and poured your lager down the drain,
down the pipeline mixed with chemicals that fell down with the rain,
to the fish I had for dinner now it's back inside my veins.
don't give me antibiotics man don't want to be bionic
I'm on it like gin and tonic dashed upon your car bonnet
sometimes I might have been wrong,
my love had been strong,
back and forth like ping pong
..ill like Kim Jong...

why do you deny what you feel inside?
if you really don't care then its easy
if you pretend you don't care then it's easy

well it's that type of party
who's sticking their dick in the mashed potatoes now motherfuckers?
you can sympathise most acts nowadays are fucking synthesised
right before your eyes like the end of your nose
if you've never been further than the end of the road
never straying from your new best mate that computer
cracked fruity loops now you's a producer? loser
drown your sorrows in the boozer
we be off the ground like a fucking land cruiser
somewhere along the line we lost the plan
once upon a time a drummer played by hand
and now its way back
to the great tracks they made back on the 8 track
if its made wack i hate that
I'm staying fat like giant haystacks
when I'm on a microphone
i'll NEVER leave you alone
like a predator drone

denial is a disease and no one here is immune
the promises you wont keep will knock you out
but if you really don't care then its easy
when you lie its easy
and you're doing it all of the time
you just deny
you know an act is just a lie
but really hard is how you try
to keep the blinkers on your eye
they bang you up for being high
you make me shake my head and sigh
an outward laugh, inside i cry
cos after all i'm just a guy
the carpetface is asking why?
we don't remember who we are who we were
once all humble lovers in the green
well hip to the hop
act upon what you know
educations still a lacking element of the scene
and yo whats my role in this ?
to give arseholes a diss
for banging shit about to wipe out the populace
and i don't give a fuck about your trolling attack
tack a bigot step back and check my wake up track x

most mc's spit way too brag and boasty,
the hostie with the mostie known to strip to midriff when i'm toastie
Carpetface on the mic coast to coasty
- trying to pull your mind wide open like the gape in the g.o.a.t.s.e
early morning vocal with the frog in the throat
see the truth coming out of this ill so and so please
bringing biggest baddest bigots to both knees
i blow cheese out of apple-pipes as you blow me.
can you believe i just said that?
if could read you might have read that.
tip your fucking head back
because i aint done thrusting yet
the rhymes I'm busting get
force-fed down your throat
and now you're gushing wet
understand i'm serious, Jack
- my eyes are dotted and my teas are fucking crossed
Cack a rhyme out,
clean your mind with the mental floss
the cost of cognitive dissonance?
-millions of lives are lost
and they call that the cognitive diss
i hope i gained your trust loving your brother is a must
carpetface is out in disgust
lets have some peace

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